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- Prewar Standard Gauge -
- Prewar No. 1 Gauge -
- Pre-1922 2" Gauge -
- Prewar/Postwar "O" Gauge -
toy trains wanted for purchase.

postheadericon Item No.: SRH103   Price: $2900.00

Lionel #2332 Black GG1- Rare black variation from 1947; appears to have gold rubber stamp keystone on the upper middle sides that has essentially been erased with time, although one side has the gold rubber stamp outline present. Stripes are strong, with some wear in the middle where people grabbed the engine with their hands, probably 65 years plus ago. Decal at one end partially missing- see pictures. Few nicks and small small scratches. Has not been tested, but I believe it runs. Very rare post-war variation of the GG1 in the black color- most of these GG1's in black do not have strong stripes, and this one does have excellent stripes present. Comes with original box that is marked with No. 2332, with an X mark and Union Bag box stamp, with both end flaps and the inner liner present. No instructions. Excellent all original condition.

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